How to Make  Sourdough Graham Crackers

Learn how to make homemade Sourdough Graham Crackers that are perfect for s'mores!

Why You'll Love This Recipe

•Easy •Crisp and break apart like store-bought crackers •Honey and cinnamon flavor •Made with 100% whole wheat flour


•Whole wheat flour •Salt •Baking soda •Light brown sugar •Honey •Unsalted butter •Cinnamon •Vanilla extract •Sourdough discard

1. Mix the Dry Ingredients

Mix the whole wheat flour, salt, cinnamon, and baking soda together in a large bowl.

2. Mix the Wet Ingredients

In the bowl of a stand mixer (or with hand mixer), mix room temp butter, honey, and sugar together. Then add in the sourdough discard and vanilla extract.

3. Mix the Graham Cracker Batter

Add the dry ingredients and mix together until you have a crumbly, shortbread-like cookie dough.

4. Chill

Pat the dough out into a rectangle onto a large piece of plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour and up to a few days.

5. Roll Out the Crackers

Roll out the dough in between two pieces of parchment paper into a thin rectangle. Trim the edges and cut into 16 squares.

6. Bake

Bake the crackers for 20 minutes at 325ºF (163ºC) or until the edges start to brown and the tops are dry.

Cool and Enjoy!

Cool completely on wire racks and enjoy to make into the best gourmet s'mores!

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