How to Maintain a Small Sourdough Starter

Learn why maintaining a small sourdough starter makes for a healthier starter!

Feeding a Small Sourdough Starter

Leave only scrapes of sourdough left in your jar (5 grams or less). You only need this small amount of starter to inoculate your feeding!

Feeding a Small Sourdough Starter

Stir in  30 grams of flour and 30 grams of water. Place in a warm location until doubled in size and repeat the process.

Benefits of a Small Sourdough Starter

There are many benefits of a small starter including: •Reduces waste •Reduces flour costs •Keeps a healthier starter •Easier to manage •Can scale to any size

Why a Small Sourdough Starter is Often Healthier

Because a small starter is easier to manage, it's easier for home bakers to maintain. You discard more, which reduces in a less acidic starter.

How to Scale Up Your Small Starter

It's easy to scale up a small starter for any amount you need. I make a levain (or offshoot starter), which I can feed any amount of flour and water.

How to Scale Up Your Small Starter

You can feed your levain any flour you want without affecting your mother culture (the small starter). Plus, your small starter is fed as normal!

Best Jar for a Small Starter

My favorite jars for a small sourdough starter are the pint jars by Goldie by Sourhouse. Another favorite is the 1/5 liter Weck jars. Links to the jars are in the post below.

How to Make a Small Starter From Scratch

To make a sourdough starter from scratch, follow my day-by-day walkthrough guide that will teach you how to make one. You only need flour, water, and a few minutes each day!

Learn more!

Get the full guide by clicking the link below! The guide includes more tips and information about the benefits of a small sourdough starter