How to Make Sourdough Pie Crust

Learn how to make this extra flaky Sourdough Pie Crust that can be used for savory or sweet applications.

Why Add Sourdough Starter to Pie Crust?

You can use sourdough starter or sourdough discard for pie crust. The starter adds flavor, tenderness, and helps make the pie crust extra flaky!

Ingredients Needed:

•All-Purpose Flour •Salt •Sourdough Starter •Unsalted butter, cold •Ice Water Tip: Keep all of your ingredients cold for the flakiest pie.

1. Mix the Flour and Salt

In a large mixing bowl, mix together the all-purpose flour and salt. Cut the cold butter into ½-inch cubes.

2. Add Butter

Toss cold, cubed butter into the bowl until coated in flour. Use your hands to smash the butter into uneven, flat shards.

3. Add Sourdough Starter and Ice Water

Add cold sourdough starter and a couple of TBS of ice water to the bowl. Toss with a fork. Add a couple more TBS of ice water until clumps form.

4. Bring the Dough Together

Use your hands to bring the dough together into one mass in the bowl. Dump it onto a piece of plastic wrap or beeswax.

5. Wrap the Dough

Wrap the pie dough and use your hands to smush it together into a disk. Place in the refrigerator to rest and hydrate for an hour.

6. Laminate the Dough (optional)

For an extra flaky crust, roll it out into a long rectangle. Fold the dough into thirds and make a letter packet. Refrigerate and rest another hour.

7. Roll Out and Bake

At this point, the dough can be rolled out and used according to your recipe. The dough can be blind-baked for custard pies/quiches, or used for fruit pies and other applications!

Learn more!

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