The Best Bread Baking Tools & Equipment Guide

What are the best baking tools to make bread? This guide has you covered!

Baking Scale

A baking scale is essential to getting consistent bread results. My recommendation is the affordable Escali baking scale. Direct links to the items are linked in the guide below.

Dutch Ovens

Cast-iron: Lodge Combo Cooker (affordable and best for most) •Enameled: Lodge or Staub (different sizes/shapes, use for stews/soups) •Upgrade: The Challenger Bread Pan seen here!


A banneton is a basket that holds your shaped bread as it proofs. Most brands can work. I like 10" oval bannetons or 9" round ones for different shapes.

Bread Lame

You need a sharp blade tool to score your bread. My favorite is the Wire Monkey UFO Bread Lame seen here! It offers control and allows for intricate scoring.

Bread Knife

A good serrated bread knife is essential to safely cutting bread (especially if it has a crispy crust). My favorite is the Lamson Bread Knife seen here.

Bench Scraper

A bench scraper is an extension of your hand and helps you shape and transport dough. The Oxo or Lamson bench scrapers are both solid choices.

Mixing Bowls

Good mixing bowls are underrated! Look for bowls in different sizes with flat bottoms, which make mixing easier. I like vintage glass bowls or stainless steel like Vollrath.

Oven Gloves

Baking bread requires baking at very high oven temperatures. The "Ove Glove" can handle high temperatures and allow for mobility.

Instant-Read Thermometer

I use my Thermapen all the time to check the dough temperature of my dough during bulk fermentation. It's also great for cooking and grilling.

Bread Proofer

It's a luxury item, but the Brød and Taylor folding bread proofer keeps dough or a sourdough starter at the perfect temperature during proofing! It also acts as a slow cooker.

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