Tips for Making Homemade Bagels

Learn how to make the best homemade bagels using these helpful bagel tips!

Everyone loves bagels, but there are also lots of opinions and methods of making them! My favorite method uses only simple, but classic ingredients to achieve the best flavor and texture.

1. Use a High-Protein Bread Flour

The best bagels are made using only a few simple ingredients and high-protein bread flour to achieve a soft and chewy texture.

2. Use Barley Malt Syrup

 Barley malt syrup is a traditional ingredient for making New York-style bagels. It has a thick consistency like molasses or honey and a muted, malty sweetness.

3. Mix the Dough Long Enough

It's important to mix the bagel dough long enough so it passes the windowpane test. This way, the bagels have built enough gluten to be chewy and rise in the oven.

4. Ferment Long Enough

For the best flavor and texture, it's vital to ferment and proof your dough long enough. This recipe includes a long overnight fermentation using sourdough.

5. Preshape the Bagels

A common problem with homemade bagels is having a wrinkled crust. This can be avoided by preshaping the bagels into dough balls before shaping them.

6. Learn How to Shape Bagels

My recipe guide goes into detail on how to properly shape bagels so you get consistent, even results each time!

7. Prevent Sticking with Cornmeal

To prevent sticking, line your baking sheet with parchment paper and a generous dusting of cornmeal or semolina flour.

8. Boil for 45 Seconds on Each Side

To achieve a chewy crust, boil the bagels in boiling water with more barley malt syrup on each side for 45 seconds.

9. Dip the Bagels in Your Favorite Toppings

Instead of sprinkling toppings onto your bagels (which often won't stick), dip them into small plates or bowls with your favorite toppings.

10. Cover with Aluminum Foil to Prevent Burning

Bagels are baked at a hot temperature, and that can lead to your toppings to burn. Check halfway through baking and cover with aluminum foil if needed.

11. Enjoy the Process!

Lastly, these bagels can be enjoyed with your favorite toppings, as sandwiches, with cream cheese, or however you enjoy them. Have fun making these delicious bagels!

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