Tips for Making the Best Banana Bread

Learn tips for making the best banana bread including for this delicious recipe!

1. Use Very Ripe Bananas

The best banana bread is made with very ripe bananas. As the bananas ripen and get darker, they contain more fructose, making them sweeter!

Ripe bananas will also be easier to mash and add more banana flavor to the banana bread! My Sourdough Banana Bread recipe uses four bananas in the batter!

2. Prepare Pan

Line and oil your bread loaf pan with a piece of parchment paper with a couple inches of overhang. This will ensure the loaf doesn't stick and help you easily lift out of the pan!

3. Mix and Match Spices

My banana bread recipe uses an array of masala chai spices for so much flavor! But use whatever pantry spices you have that you think would pair well.

4. Leave Some Lumps in the Batter

It's okay if lumps of banana remain in the banana bread batter. The lumps will bake into little moist pockets of banana in the oven!

5. Don't Overmix

Overmixing will make your banana bread tough and dense. Only mix until the flour  is incorporated.

6. Add Topping

It's optional, but I like to add a sliced banana and sprinkle of raw sugar on top of my banana bread. This caramelizes on top and creates more texture!

7. Cool Completely

Allow the banana bread to completely cool before slicing. Otherwise, steam and moisture is released from the bread, resulting in a more dense bread.

8. Adding Nuts/ Chocolate Chips

Adding nuts and chocolate chips is optional! If you're not a fan, you can skip, but it's easy to add either or both if you're a fan. Fold in after mixing.

9. Use Butter and Coconut Oil

Using butter adds flavor and a better texture to the loaf. Coconut oil helps keep the loaf extra moist!

Learn more!

Get my full recipe for Spiced Sourdough Banana Bread by clicking the link below! The recipe includes a how-to guide with photos, detailed instructions, and more banana bread tips.