Tips for Making the Best Buttermilk Biscuits

1. Keep Ingredients Cold

• It's vital to keep your biscuit ingredients cold. • Like all pastry, when the cold layers of butter hit a hot oven, it creates steam between the layers of pastry. • This will ensure you get flaky biscuits!

• For my biscuit recipe, I grate frozen butter directly into the dry ingredients bowl. • The buttermilk is kept refrigerated and I freeze the biscuits for 10 minutes just before baking.

2. Don't Over Mix the Biscuit Dough

• Over mixing will warm up the dough and create gluten. • Gluten development results in chewy biscuits (you want tender and flaky!)

• Only knead the dough a few times in the bowl and keep hand mixing to a minimum. • Use a fork to mix the dough initially.

3. Cut Biscuits Straight Down

• To get flaky layers of butter and dough, be sure to only cut the biscuits straight down with a biscuit cutter. • Twisting the biscuit cutter will seal off the layers and result in a flatter biscuit.

4. Use a Low Protein Flour

• A low-protein flour like White Lily or a similar all-purpose flour will not form as much gluten. • This results in a fluffier biscuit!

5. Measure Ingredients By Weight

• Measuring your biscuit ingredients by weight will give you the most accurate measurements and best results if you're following a recipe! • Measurements can vary greatly otherwise.

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