Tips for Making the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Learn tips for making the best chocolate chip cookies, including.

What Makes these Cookies so Good?

These chocolate chip cookies have crispy edges, gooey pools of chocolate in the middle, and the perfect balance of flavors!

1. Don't Overmix

Over mixing the batter will cause your cookies to be tough rather than tender and soft. Only mix the dry and wet ingredients together until most of the flour is hydrated.

2. Roughly Chop Chocolate Bars

For gooey pools of chocolate, roughly chop the chocolate to about ½". Semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate works best in this recipe.

3. Chill the Cookie Dough

It's really important to chill this cookie batter for at least three hours and up to three days! This will improve the flavor and texture of the cookies.

Chilling the cookie dough also makes scooping easier and the cookies won't flatten as much when you bake them.

4. Use the Pan Banging Method when Baking

Halfway through baking, pan bang the cookies and repeat every couple of minutes in the oven so the cookies get crispy edges.

5. Add Sourdough for Extra Flavor

For the best balance of flavor, I add about a half cup of sourdough starter to this cookie dough! It adds a slight tang to the cookies that makes them oh so good!

6. Space the Cookies Far Enough Apart

Be sure to always space your cookies at least two-three inches apart when baking. This way, they don't bake into each other.

7. Freeze the Dough

You can easily freeze the dough to make one or two cookies at a time. Simply shape them, freeze on a baking sheet, and place into freezer-safe bags.

8. Top with Flaky Salt

For an addictive salty/sweet combo, sprinkle flaky coarse salt on top of the cookies when they're hot out of the oven!

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