Tips for Making the Best Lemon Bundt Cake

Learn tips to make this easy and delicious lemon poppy seed bundt cake!

1. Use Cake Flour

For the most tender cake, use cake flour! Cake flour has a lower protein content than all-purpose and will result in a softer cake. Add a couple TBS of cornstarch to AP flour if you do not have cake flour.

2. Use the "Reverse-Creaming Method"

The reverse-creaming method mixes the flours, sugar, and butter at the beginning. It coats the butter and results in less mixing. Ultimately, this makes a more tender cake.

3. Don't Overmix

Only mix the ingredients until the flour is hydrated and comes together. Over mixing results in more gluten development and a tougher cake.

4. Prepare the Bundt Pan Well

To prevent your bundt cake from sticking, grease and flour your pan well. I like to use non-stick spray to evenly coat the pan and its crevices and then dust it lightly with flour.

5. Don't Over Bake

Bake the bundt cake until it's golden brown, a cake tester comes out clean, and the edges slightly shrink from the sides of the pan.

6. Add a Lemon Simple Syrup

For the most lemon flavor and to keep the cake moist for days, poke holes all over the cake and brush on a lemon simple syrup.

7. Cool Completely

Cool the bundt cake for at least an hour on a wire rack. Slicing into the cake while it's still hot will release steam and dry your cake out fast.

8. Make a Thick Lemon Glaze

Mix powdered sugar and lemon juice in a container until thick. The glaze should be thicker than you think so that it drips slowly off the cake.

9. Offset the Sweetness

Bundt cakes contain a lot of sugar. Offset the sweetness with lots of lemon zest and juice, plus the tanginess of buttermilk, and sourdough starter in this recipe.

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