Tips to Make the Best Panzanella Salad

Learn tips to make this easy and perfect summer salad!

What is Panzanella?

• Panzanella is a rustic, Italian bread salad from Tuscany using day-old bread, fresh tomatoes, and basil. • My version adds peaches for sweetness and burrata for creaminess!

Tip #1: Use Stale, Crusty Bread

• Day-old, crusty bread like sourdough or a baguette make the best croutons. • Crusty bread will soak up the vinaigrette, but will not cause a soggy salad.

Tip #2: Tear Apart the Bread

• When you make your croutons, tear apart the bread for irregular shapes and sizes! • This will lead to more uneven, crispy textures.

Tip #3: Use Fresh Ingredients

• Use the freshest ingredients you can find for the best Panzanella. • Local, homegrown, or farmer's market produce will bring brightness and acidity to your salad.

Tip #4: Season and Taste

• As you make your salad and vinaigrette, season with salt/pepper to taste. • Depending on the ripeness of your produce, you may need to brighten with a squeeze of lemon.

Tip #5: Let the Salad Rest for 30 Minutes

• Letting Panzanella rest for at least 30 minutes will give the salad time to soak up the vinaigrette and to let the flavors meld together.

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