Tips to Prevent Gaps in Swirl Breads

Swirl Bread Gaps

• Swirl Breads like Cinnamon Raisin Bread have a propensity to develop gaps in between their swirls. • How can you prevent these gaps from forming?

Tip #1: Add Egg Wash to Dough

• Add an egg wash to the dough once it is rolled out and before adding the filling. • The egg wash will work as a binder for the filling.

Tip #2: Add Flour to Filling

• It might be surprising, but adding a tablespoon of flour to the filling will help the sugar from leaking out. • If the sugar leaks out and puddles, you'll be left with gaps in your bread.

Tips #3: Don't Roll the Dough Too Tightly

• When you roll the dough up into a log, it should be snug but not tight. • A very tight dough can expand too quickly in the oven when it bakes, resulting in tunnels.

Tip #4: Proof Correctly

• Proof the dough fully until it rises just above your pan, is full of air, and passes the "finger poke test." • If the dough is under or over proofed, you may get gaps.

Tip #5: Let the Bread Fully Cool

• Let the bread cool fully before slicing. • While tempting, slicing into a hot bread will release steam and may cause the bread to collapse. It's still baking!

Slice & Enjoy the Perfect Swirls!

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