· Tips include how to feed, store, and revive a sourdough starter.

1.  Maintain a Schedule

· Maintain a regular schedule to feed your sourdough starter based on how often you bake. · Full schedule chart on website post!

2. Know How to Store a Starter

· A sourdough starter can be stored many ways. · You can store in the refrigerator, freezer, or even dehydrate it. · Click on the tips below to learn how to store each!

3. Keep a Small Starter

· A small sourdough starter will reduce waste & allows for a more manageable starter. · Leave just scraps the bottoms and feed with 25g water and 25g flour for a small starter.

4. Use Sourdough Discard

· Use sourdough discard to reduce waste in various discard recipes. · Recipes on website include Sourdough Granola and Sourdough Scones

5. Know How to Revive a Starter

· An unfed or dormant starter will need to be revived. · Details on how to revive a dead/moldy starter, refrigerated, frozen, or dehydrated starter in post.

6. Measure Ingredients by Weight

· Measuring your ingredients by weight will make your starter feedings more consistent (and better baking overall!)

7. Keep your Starter at the Right Temperature

· Starters perform best in a temperature range of 75-80ºF · This bread proofer keeps your starter at the perfect temperature and doubles as a slow cooker!

8. Clean your Starter Container

· The jars to clean will have straight sides and a wide mouth. · Clean with warm water and soap. · Sourdough Starter container and jar recommendations on the tips page.

9. Know the Signs when your Starter is Ready

· Use your senses to learn when a sourdough starter is ripe and ready. · Signs include smell, doubled in volume, and texture.

10. Use Rye Flour to Boost your Starter

· Rye flour is full of nutrients and the enzyme Amylase that sourdough starter yeasts love. · Adding just a bit to your starter will help boost fermentation.

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